Whenever you need comprehensive expertise on engines, you should turn to us. We are the Finnish distributor for two big engine manufacturers: Cummins and Kubota, and we know diesel engines especially well. We will help you find an engine from our wide selection that best suits your needs in regards of dimensions and specifications. If you wish, we will assist in the installation and test that the installation has been made correctly. We are also happy share our knowledge about the engine maintenance and suitable service intervals, so that the engine that you chose would serve you as long and well as possible.

Petri Flinkman

Sales and Application Engineer
+358 (0)20 163 0348

Arto Orjo

Kubota - sales
+358 (0)20 163 0340

Juha-Pekka Honkanen

Head of Department, engines and emergency power systems
Engines and Generators
+358 (0)20 163 0344

Anne Kangasmaa

Sales Coordinator
+358 (0)20 163 0342

Mirva Seppälä

Supply Chain Manager
+358 (0)20 163 0351

Marja Vainio

Service Manager
+358 (0)20 163 0313

Henry Mäkelä

Development manager
+358 (0)20 163 0525

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