BALTIC YACHTS 110 CUSTOM – Harnessing Power from Cummins Engines for Unforgettable Cruising Experiences

Baltic Yachts has once again taken a step forward in sailboat design by introducing the new BALTIC 110 CUSTOM yacht, which was launched in the summer of 2023 after a 2.5-year construction project. The 110-foot carbon sloop is designed to offer unforgettable cruising experiences around the world. This project showcases Baltic Yachts’ continuous commitment to innovation and sustainable sailing, providing unforgettable experiences and enjoyment for those who want to explore the world by sail.

One significant innovation in this vessel is its electric powertrain. The boat is powered by an electric motor, enabling smooth and silent movement. Additionally, the motor converts into a generator using the boat’s propeller while sailing, generating electricity while the boat moves on windy seas. This increases the boat’s energy efficiency and reduces reliance on traditional fuel. Two Cummins B4.5 marine engines power the generators. The electric propulsion system, along with the Cummins engines, is exceptionally quiet, enhancing the comfort of the sailing experience.

The choice of these engines considered power, size, and weight. The goal was to achieve 129 kW of power as efficiently as possible with a compact engine. Given these criteria, the Cummins B4.5 engine proved to be the right choice. During testing, the engine performed excellently, even in overload situations, meeting the project’s requirements.

“All in all, it has gone very well. Just based on how the engine sounds. The turbo whistles just right, and you can tell there’s no cause for concern. After this experience, if we need 130 kW engines, this is a very good option,” commented Kim Kolam, Baltic Yachts’ electrical systems engineer.

These are the first Cummins B4.5 engines to be put into customer use. Before this, they were only used for Cummins’ own testing. After a short trial, Baltic Yachts has been so satisfied that they will also use the Cummins B4.5 in their next project. The engines have undergone successful tests, and after nearly a day of testing, they are confirmed to operate as expected. The cooperation between Baltic Yachts and Machinery has been very smooth, and Machinery has provided the necessary expertise for the project.

“It has been great to be a part of such an advanced construction project and deliver the first Cummins B4.5 engines to customers,” commented Petri Flinkman, Machinery’s sales and application engineer. He continued, “These engines offer a lot of power in a compact package, which is why they were perfect for this project.”

The technical specifications of the BALTIC 110 CUSTOM yacht are also impressive. It has an overall length of 33.50 meters, a width of 7.60 meters, and a draft ranging from 3.80 to 5.80 meters. The displacement is 95 tons. These features, combined with the efficiency and environmental friendliness offered by the powertrain, make this yacht an excellent choice for cruising.



Petri Flinkman

Sales and Application Engineer
Cummins , Marine, Onan Generators

+358 20 163 0348

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