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Automatic Transmissions

Allison Transmissions is the world’s largest manufacturer of heavy-duty automatic transmissions and a leading developer and manufacturer of electric hybrid powertrain systems. Over 300 significant machinery and equipment manufacturers worldwide use Allison’s automatic transmissions. These transmissions are employed in applications such as buses, emergency and rescue vehicles, refuse trucks, various mining vehicles, and military vehicles.

Allison was founded in 1915 in Indianapolis (USA), where the company’s headquarters is still located today. Worldwide, there are approximately 1,400 distributors and service points in over a hundred countries for Allison’s customers and end-users. In Finland, Machinery is responsible for product and spare parts sales as well as service. We assist in selecting the right transmission and provide technical support for installation. Contact our knowledgeable transmission service for assistance!

Allison automatic transmissions provide genuine savings compared to automated or manual transmissions.

How is an Allison Automatic Transmission Better than a Manual or Automated Transmission?

A vehicle equipped with an Allison automatic transmission accelerates faster because there is no interruption in power during gear changes.

  • Manual and automated transmissions always experience a power interruption during gear changes, causing the vehicle to accelerate more slowly compared to a vehicle with an Allison automatic transmission.
  • A vehicle with an Allison automatic transmission accelerates with the same engine power approximately 14% faster than a vehicle with an automated transmission.
  • For example, in distribution work, a 14% improvement in acceleration saves time and enhances efficiency, resulting in higher profits.

Allison’s torque converter allows for a high initial torque, and the vehicle’s speed can be easily controlled even at very low speeds.

  • The torque converter increases the available force to the wheels, making it easier to start moving with a heavy load and saving on diesel fuel. Controlled driving at very low speeds is necessary, for instance, in off-road conditions or when navigating tight spaces.

A vehicle equipped with an Allison automatic transmission reduces vehicle maintenance costs and increases reliability.

  • Manual and automated transmissions have a mechanical clutch, which is a wear component, and changing it is an expensive maintenance task. Automatic transmissions do not have a wearing clutch at all, and Allison automatic transmissions are specifically designed for the heaviest applications where a manual or automated transmission may not endure. Allison transmission maintenance only involves changing the oil and filters. Allison transmissions can also be equipped with a monitoring system that informs the driver when maintenance is needed. This way, maintenance is performed at the right time, neither too early nor too late.

A vehicle equipped with an Allison automatic transmission enhances safety and the driver’s work environment.

  • A vehicle with an automatic transmission gives the driver more time to focus on traffic because gear shifts do not need to be performed manually. Furthermore, driving in urban environments, for example, is effortless, and the driver remains alert throughout the entire driving shift.

A vehicle equipped with an Allison automatic transmission reduces vehicle emissions.

  • Since Allison automatic transmissions “learn” to shift gears at the right moment, the diesel engine produces fewer emissions and saves fuel.
  • In the latest fifth-generation Allison transmissions, there is the FuelSense 2.0 system, which reduces fuel consumption by up to 6%:

The Allison automatic transmission expert in Finland is Machinery Oy.

  • Whether it’s filters, oils, spare parts, repairs, complete overhauls, replacement transmissions, technical support, or the acquisition of an entirely new transmission, Machinery Oy can assist.
  • Machinery Oy has a well-equipped transmission workshop in Vantaa, where complete transmission refurbishments are carried out.


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