How do you ensure that your construction equipment performs flawlessly year after year in the harsh conditions of Finland? By maintaining your machines well. We have a strong track record in maintenance operations that ensure the machines’ operational readiness even in extreme conditions. You can schedule maintenance and repairs directly at your construction site or other facilities, or we can perform them at our maintenance workshop in Vantaa.
The most cost-effective time to service your construction equipment for the next project is when it becomes available after the previous job. This ensures that the machine is safe and in full working order when it is brought to a new construction site. So, use Machinery’s maintenance service as soon as your machine returns from the construction site!


You can rely on us for professional maintenance and spare parts services for Skyjack and Dexter aerial lifts that we represent. Maintenance for other brands of cranes is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We have extensive knowledge of Skyjack and Dexter aerial lifts, and we also keep their spare parts in stock.


Our pump maintenance is known for its efficiency and speed. Thanks to our extensive experience and versatile expertise, we can repair your pump even on a tight schedule. We are an authorized Grindex and Tsurumi submersible pump repairer, so the spare parts are readily available in our inventory. If desired, we can provide a fixed maintenance or repair cost estimate. Our pump maintenance always includes a load testing run. During the load test, we ensure that your pump’s performance meets the manufacturer’s specifications.


We service and repair your compaction equipment. The maintenance program includes tasks such as equipment cleaning, oil checks, filter checks, belt inspections, engine adjustments, and test runs. Parts that need replacement are offered and changed as agreed during maintenance. Our specialty lies in Swepac compactors, and we keep their spare parts in stock.


Construction customers can also take advantage of our service agreement network. All service partners are professionals in their respective fields and operate as independent businesses while receiving full technical support and assistance, as well as the necessary parts from Machinery. You can contact the service agreement network for all your maintenance and repair needs related to aerial lifts or compactors, while submersible pumps are repaired at our Vantaa workshop. Some service partners also offer maintenance and repair for construction hoists and lighting towers. You can check the maintenance services offered by service agreement partners on the adjacent map.

Contact the service partners for construction maintenance and spare part matters. (Click on the location to see the contact information.)

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