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Generators and Emergency Power Systems

When you are looking for emergency power solutions tailored to suit your needs, call us. We will provide assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the power generation equipment, from planning to installation and maintenance. We also provide consultation services, help with the commissioning and other training. You can also leave the entire project for us to handle, as we also offer turnkey solutions. We are a distributor for the SDMO generators, which are suited for a wide variety of different uses ranging from private homes to large facilities. Our product range includes generators that are suitable for both continuous use and to be used as backup power.

Machineryn varavoimatiimi

Machinery has a team with decades of experience working on a wide range of projects – from simple equipment to technically demanding parts and equipment self-made from scratch.













SDMO in brief

SDMO is the world’s third-largest company on the diesel generator market. It was founded in Brest (Finistère, France) in 1966. Today, the SDMO products are manufactured in two factories in France. The company develops solutions for all fields where power is needed: petrol or diesel power generating sets, products for both continuous and backup use. SDMO has a total of 12 subsidiaries and offices as well as over 150 distributors around the world. The company utilises it’s know-how by adapting to the constantly changing markets through the research and development work. Through their training, aftermarket and spare part departments, SDMO also seeks to support their customers and business partners in the installation and maintenance of their production plants. Since 2005, SDMO have been a part of the Kohler Group and their brand name changed from SDMO to KOHLER-SDMO in 2016.

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Juha-Pekka Honkanen

Head of Department, engines and emergency power systems
Engines and Generators

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Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Project Technician

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Engine and generator maintenance

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