Kiasma: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Secures a New Standby Power Generator

Machinery’s standby power team undertook an interesting project and became a part of the renovation project at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma in Finland. The project is managed by Senate Properties, and the main contractor is Antti J. Ahola Construction Ltd. They decided to order a standby power generator from Machinery, precisely tailored to meet Kiasma’s needs. This is the first standby power generator that Kiasma owns, as previously, it relied on the standby power generator of the adjacent Postitalo building.

What makes the standby power generator supplied to Kiasma special is its color. The color of the standby power generator has been carefully considered and designed to blend seamlessly with the exterior of Kiasma, ensuring it does not draw attention but rather harmonizes with the facade. Additionally, the machine’s structure and functions include many features tailored specifically for this project. Various modifications were necessary due to the limited space available for the generator.

During the installation of the standby power generator in October, the building’s power had to be disconnected for fifteen minutes. This presented a minor challenge for Kiasma’s conservator since the museum houses an artwork that requires a continuous power supply and has been on display for a thousand years, from 2017 to 3017.”


Martin Arhippainen

Sales Manager

+358 20 163 0347

Tero Aspegren

Sales Manager

+358 20 163 0307

Antti Hamina

Project Technician

+358 20 163 0317

Henrik Park-Björklund

Sales Manager

+358 20 163 0339

Juha-Pekka Honkanen

Head of Department
Engines and Generators

+358 20 163 0344

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