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Do you need spare parts for your diesel engine, backup power solution, metalworking machine, or construction equipment? Give us a call, and we will deliver the parts to your company promptly. We are more than willing to assist with the installation of these spare parts! As an authorized distributor, we primarily use genuine spare parts, and they are readily available from us.


Machinery’s spare parts team in the metalworking machine department serves you at our Tampere office. Our stock comprises an extensive range of spare parts for our main machines, with quick delivery times and no international freight costs. If a spare part is not available directly from our stock, we can swiftly source the needed spare parts from our suppliers. We aim to respond to your spare part inquiries on the same day. We have excellent connections for spare parts for metalworking machines outside of our own representations, both in Finland and around the world.

We also offer a wide range of additional equipment and accessories to enhance the operation and features of your workshop. Our selection includes supplementary equipment and accessories that significantly improve workshop working conditions and machine functionality.


Machinery Oy maintains and repairs Cummins and Kubota engines, providing genuine spare parts and Fleetguard filters. Machinery Oy has a vast selection of spare parts in stock in Vantaa, with deliveries available quickly across Finland. Cummins has a European central warehouse in Belgium, from which products can be delivered to Finland within 24 hours if needed. We also offer cost-effective distributor prices for Cummins engine overhauls and repairs. Machinery Oy services and repairs diesel generators and backup power machines of all brands, including Cummins, CAT, Volvo, Scania, and more. For backup power machine maintenance, we exclusively use genuine Fleetguard filters and high-quality Valvoline oil, which we import ourselves.


Our stock features an extensive selection of spare parts for our main machines, available with quick delivery times and no international freight costs. If a spare part is not in our stock, we can promptly source the necessary spare parts directly from our suppliers.


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