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Machinery Oy offers professional maintenance and repair services for Cummins and Kubota engines with the expertise of an authorized distributor. Our diesel engine maintenance services also include technical support, product and maintenance training, and warranty handling.

Our Cummins service centers are located in Vantaa and at the Terrafame mining site. Our Kubota service center is situated in Vantaa as well. Our maintenance experts travel to customers with their service vehicles, and more extensive work, such as major overhauls, is carried out at our repair facility in Vantaa. In addition, our extensive service partner network serves customers all over Finland. You can find our service network lower on this page.

When inquiring about maintenance services or technical support, please remember to provide the engine’s serial number. The engine’s serial number is indicated on the engine type plate.

Machinery Oy is a member of the Association of Technical Trade and Services, and we adhere to the general terms and conditions in our service operations.


It is advisable to perform a major overhaul of a Cummins and Kubota engines since spare parts are readily available, and pricing is reasonable. When overhauled by the distributor, you can be assured that the parts used are genuine, and the knowledge of our staff is top-notch. Naturally, engine overhauled by us comes with a 12-month warranty.


Our maintenance experts perform a significant amount of fieldwork, but Cummins and Kubota end-users can also take advantage of our service agreement network. The service agreement centers are well-established and skilled companies with whom Machinery has a long-standing partnership. These service agreement centers operate as their independent businesses but receive full technical support and assistance from us, and they source their required spare parts through us. For warranty and engines with more than 15 liters in maintenance and spare part matters, please contact Machinery’s engine maintenance at +358 20 163 0436.



Maintain the reliability of emergency power systems with regular maintenance. Did you know that the maintenance of emergency power generators is based on maintaining around-the-clock starting and operational readiness, not on the number of operating hours? Unfortunately, emergency power generator maintenance and testing are often overlooked, which can result in the generator not working when needed. Therefore, emergency power generators should be maintained at least once a year, with monthly test runs.

The failure of a diesel engine used as an emergency power generator differs significantly from those used in vehicles or ships. In the latter, failures often result from the wear and tear of components, while emergency power generators typically fail due to corrosion, moisture, or lack of use.

Emergency power systems consist of a diesel engine, generator, auxiliary systems, automation, and other control systems. The maintenance of emergency power systems requires comprehensive expertise in all these areas, so it is advisable to entrust the maintenance to a professional who is proficient in all aspects of the system. The reliability of the system relies on the quality of equipment components, software, regular testing, and planned maintenance.

At Machinery, we provide maintenance for all diesel generators, regardless of the brand. During maintenance, we use high-quality spare parts and supplies. Our maintenance includes the use of Fleetguard filters and Valvoline Premium Blue engine oil. We use high-quality and long-lasting Fleetguard coolant. For more information, please contact us, and we are happy to assist you in selecting a suitable emergency power maintenance service package!

Regular maintenance and test runs can extend the lifespan of diesel generators. In addition to maintenance, it is essential to consider the emergency power automation system. An outdated automation system is no longer as reliable. The availability of components also diminishes over time, posing a risk to system maintenance.



We provide repair, major overhaul, and testing services for Allison transmissions, without forgetting diagnostic services. Our Vantaa repair facility is equipped with all the necessary testing equipment, and we are here to support you, whether the repair need is significant or minor. If transporting the vehicle to our Vantaa location is not feasible, we can also come to you.



Contact the service partners for Cummins and Kubota engine maintenance and spare part matters. (Click on the location to see the contact information.)

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