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Good construction scaffolding is safe and comfortable to use. In addition, functional construction scaffolding is easy to assemble, disassemble, and effortlessly relocate to a new site.

You can find high-quality, domestically made AMO aluminum scaffolding and AMO Rotax steel scaffolding for demanding conditions from us. We also offer the European-manufactured AMO Rotax, a round-type system scaffolding series, in our selection.

Aluminum Scaffolding

The domestic AMO aluminum scaffolding family includes Harri, Olli, and Aino scaffolding systems. Each scaffold is manufactured in Finland, in collaboration with Purso Oy, with the needs of construction professionals in mind. The AMO scaffolds come in two platform lengths: 1.7 meters (short) or 3.0 meters (long). You can choose the width (depth) of the scaffolds as either 0.7 meters (narrow) or 1.4 meters (wide). These options are available in both the AMO Harri and AMO Olli scaffold models.

  • Scaffold load class is 3 (according to the SFS EN 1004 standard).
  • Work surface point load of 2.0 kN/m².
  • Point load of 1.5 kN.
  • Lateral load of 0.3 kN.
  • Scaffold and its loads combined, a total of 10 kN (1 kN = 100 kg).
  • AMO Harri construction scaffolding components are compatible with Hi-way, Monty, and Flexy model ranges, among others.
  • AMO Olli construction scaffolds are designed in close cooperation with Machinery and Purso. This aluminum scaffold model is easy to assemble.
  • AMO Aino installation scaffolds are intended for indoor use on level surfaces.
  • The maximum heights for AMO aluminum scaffolds can be found in the assembly and usage instructions provided with each product. In addition, we have selected some ready-made scaffold packages to assist in your decision-making.

Amo Scaffolding

AMO aluminum scaffolds are now manufactured from 100% recycled aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material for Finland’s varying weather conditions because it naturally forms an oxide layer on its surface, protecting it from corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight and easy to assemble due to its low weight. The structural strength of aluminum remains unaffected even when it is melted and recycled multiple times, making it an excellent recycling material. Recycled aluminum is significantly more environmentally friendly than primary aluminum. By recycling aluminum, we save energy, water, and other natural resources while reducing emissions, the amount of waste generated, and other environmental impacts.

Amo-Rotax Steel Scaffolding

rakennusteline Rotax

AMO Rotax is a versatile steel scaffolding system for demanding applications. Our new European-manufactured AMO Rotax scaffolding is quick and flexible to install, with no compromise on quality. The scaffolds that are compatible with round-type scaffolding systems are consistently made from galvanized steel. In addition to straight and angled scaffold configurations, Amo Rotax scaffolds can be installed to meet the requirements of industrial tanks and various building features, such as bay windows, and more.

The AMO Rotax scaffold system enables the rapid and safe construction of even complex scaffolding structures. It is suitable for building large platforms, such as performance stages, elevated work platforms, and more. The scaffold can be used as a load-bearing structure or support structure for various facade renovations, cultural and entertainment event billboards, boxes, film stages, and temporary speaker platforms.


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AMO Aluminum Scaffolding: Domestic Quality and 100% Recycled Aluminum

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