AMO Aluminum Scaffolding: Domestic Quality and 100% Recycled Aluminum

AMO aluminum scaffolding has been manufactured in Siuro for over 40 years as part of the long-standing collaboration between Purso and Machinery. Over the years, the development of these scaffolds has been continuous, and AMO aluminum scaffolding is known for its high quality, adaptability, and durability.

Significant Energy Savings and Reduced Carbon Emissions with Recycled Aluminum

AMO aluminum scaffolds are now made from 100% recycled aluminum. Aluminum is an excellent material for Finland’s varying weather conditions because it forms a natural oxide layer on its surface, protecting it from corrosion. Aluminum is lightweight, making it easy to assemble. The structural strength of aluminum remains intact even after being melted and reused multiple times, making it an excellent recyclable material. Recycled aluminum is significantly more environmentally friendly than primary aluminum. Recycling aluminum conserves energy, water, and other natural resources, while also reducing emissions, waste production, and other climate impacts.

The production of recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed for primary aluminum. When using recycled aluminum, emissions are as much as 98% lower. By utilizing fossil-free energy and minimizing aluminum waste, emissions can be further reduced.

“Recycled aluminum is used in Purso’s delivered products more and more each year. Currently, about half of the aluminum profiles supplied by Purso are made from Purso’s own Greenline recycled aluminum produced at the Ikaalinen smelter. Purso Greenline recycled aluminum consists of 55-60% pre-consumer scrap from industrial manufacturing processes and 40-45% post-consumer scrap from products that have reached the end of their life cycle,” commented Lauri Hautanen from Purso.

AMO Aluminum Scaffolding: An Excellent Choice for Construction Sites

AMO aluminum scaffolding is versatile and available with various components. Even the earliest models still have spare parts available, which has received praise from customers. These scaffolds are lightweight, and their assembly doesn’t require separate tools, making it quick and easy. Two people can assemble them in a short time, and one person can do it if needed.

The green transition will increasingly influence business decisions in the near future. Therefore, the aspect of responsibility and the environment is an essential part of decision-making when making new investments. Locally produced scaffolds made from recycled aluminum are a significantly better choice from both an environmental and sustainability perspective compared to scaffolds imported from abroad, made from primary aluminum.

“AMO scaffolds’ domestic origin has already been a significant added value for customers, but now, along with domestic production, the fact that AMO scaffolds are now made from 100% recycled aluminum is also becoming a crucial factor. Customers appreciate the domestic origin, durability, and easy assembly of AMO scaffolds,” noted Seppo Halme, Sales Manager at Machinery.

Aluminum scaffolding is versatile, lightweight, and durable, suitable for various purposes. Their ease of mobility, assembly, spare part availability, and durability make them an excellent choice for both construction sites and rental use.

Over 40 Years of Collaboration Between Machinery and Purso

Machinery’s collaboration with Purso began over 40 years ago when, at the request of Machinery’s customers, they started developing a domestic solution to replace aluminum scaffolds imported from England. Domestic production started in 1982, and since then, regular joint product development has been conducted.

“We continuously develop AMO scaffolds according to our customers’ wishes. In all our development work, we aim for the most functional solutions and to minimize the number of additional parts to keep the products easy to use. AMO scaffolds do not have separate loose parts, and all components are made of the same aluminum material. There are no easily breakable cast parts in the scaffolds. In 2020, we updated the names of the AMO scaffold series, and for the name changes, we wanted to make it easier for people to recognize different products in everyday language. Now, names like AMO Harri, Olli, and Aino are on everyone’s lips,” added Seppo Halme.

Purso’s core expertise in Siuro near Tampere includes extrusion and finishing of aluminum profiles. Scaffolds made from extruded aluminum profiles are cost-effective and of high quality. The company’s own smelter in Ikaalinen processes discarded or leftover aluminum goods from production processes into raw materials.

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