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Air Compressors


We offer portable diesel-powered air compressors from Doosan Portable Power. Doosan Portable Power provides a wide range of portable construction compressors powered by diesel engines. Doosan Portable Power’s air compressor range offers the most versatile options in the market, allowing you to find the right machine for any application. The selection of the right machine depends mainly on the compressor’s air output and air pressure. Air compressors are divided into three product categories based on air production: compact trailer compressors, medium-sized trailer compressors, and large trailer compressors.

  • Compact Air Compressors: 2.5-5.0 m³/min
  • Medium-Sized AirCompressors: 5.3-20.0 m³/min
  • Large Air Compressors: 21.0-45.9 m³/min


About Doosan Air Compressors

Doosan Portable Power is a more than 100-year-old equipment manufacturer, and their long history reflects in the quality of their products, design, and unparalleled customer service. Doosan Portable Power’s product family includes industrial compressors, generators, and products designed for construction site lighting. Machinery Oy serves as the official importer of Doosan Portable Power in Finland, bringing their more than 100 years of experience and expertise. This combined with their role as an engine importer ensures complete service for customers in sales, maintenance, and technical support.


What Is a Doosan Air Compressor?

Portable air compressors, well-suited for construction, provide compressed air for all kinds of pneumatic applications. These trailer compressors can be easily transported to work sites, even with a passenger car, and their mobility is effortless due to their lightweight and compact size. Doosan’s mobile diesel compressors are designed and built to withstand long and heavy-duty usage while ensuring maximum benefits for the user. All models feature galvanized casing, providing extreme corrosion protection in all operating environments.

Doosan air compressors are designed for heavy and continuous use, even in winter conditions. The diesel engines chosen are from the most reliable and fuel-efficient brands in the market, Yanmar and Cummins, with low maintenance costs. The exhaust gas cleaning devices are entirely maintenance-free and do not increase operating costs. Doosan compressors are also very user-friendly, with no complicated control panels that could be damaged due to Finland’s climate, causing production downtime and costly repair bills.

Doosan compressors are highly economical and low-emission, and their engines comply with EU Stage V emission standards. Doosan compressor diesel engines do not emit smoke, and there is no unpleasant odor typically associated with older diesel engines. The air compressors also offer the ECOmizer function, which reduces air pressure and lowers the diesel engine’s RPM when compressed air is not needed. The ECOmizer function saves the compressor and the diesel engine, reduces exhaust emissions, and lowers fuel consumption.

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