Contract maintenance

At the moment Machinery contract maintenance network acts to serve construction and engines customers’ service and spare parts needs.

You can contact Machinery’s engine contract maintenance with any maintenance and repair needs related to Cummins or Kubota engines. The contract service network includes 21 companies troughtout Finland, all the way from Rovaniemi to southern Finland.

Machinery construction contract maintenance can be contacted for any needs related to lifts and soil compactors. Pumps are still being repaired at our workshop in Vantaa. Some contract service operators also provide maintenance and repair of construction site elevators and light masts. The contract service network includes 7 companies in 10 laocations troughout Finland.

The aim of the co-operation is to create a network that works to meet the need of the customers in their own immidiate environment. Locality allows service times to be shorter and you, as a customer, get service even faster and more efficiently. All of the contract maintenance companies are professionals in their field and operate as their own company, however, also recieving full technical support and assistance, as well as spare parts, from Machinery.

Engine maintenance

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Construction maintenance

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