Construction maintenance

How do you make sure that your construction equipment works flawlessly from year to year in these rugged cicumstances in Finland? By maintaining your equipment properly. We have a strong knowledge on service and repair, which we use to ensure the serviceability even in extreme conditions. You can order service and repairs straight to the construction site or to your facilities, or we can do it in our service workshop in Vantaa.

The most cost effective time to service your construction equipment for the next project is when it’s released from the previous construction site thus ensuring the safety and full serviceability when brought to the next construction site.

Machinery construction contract maintenance can be contacted for any needs related to lifts and soil compactors. Pumps are still being repaired at our workshop in Vantaa. Some contract service operators also provide maintenance and repair of construction site elevators and light masts. All of the contract maintenance companies are professionals in their field and operate as their own company, however, also recieving full technical support and assistance, as well as spare parts, from Machinery.

Machinery Contract Maintenance

Contact contract maintenance with maintenance and repair needs for your lifts and soil compactors.
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