Are you interested in technology and the future? Would you like to help Finnish industry to succeed internationally? We can offer you that opportunity.

We are a modern Finnish company that sells, markets, assembles as well as repairs and services different machines and technical equipment. Our expertise helps our customers to find the best possible tools and to use them efficiently. We encourage companies to adopt solutions for the future and to further develop their own business activities. From you too, we expect a passionate interest for this industry and the ability to be our customer’s sparring partner.

We offer an interesting job in a pleasant workplace. We invest in the well-being of our staff and encourage them to develop their skills and know-how by e.g. taking training courses. We have offices in and Tampere and Vantaa, where our headquarters are also located.

We are constantly seeking more skilled professionals to join our team, which is why we encourage you to submit an open application even if there are no open positions in our current job listings. You can send your informal application to: