Engine maintenance

Contact our contract maintenance network if you have maintenance or repair needs for your Cummins or Kubota engines.

If you need warranty service or over 15 liter engines, contact Machinery engine maintenance: 020 163 0436.

Machinery provides engine maintenance and repair services with professionalism. Our diesel engine maintanence organization’s services include also technical support, product- and servicetraining and warranty processing.

Our maintenance workshops are located in Vantaa and Terrafame’s mining area. Our service specialists can travel to clients and bigger works like basic renovations are done in the workshop in Vantaa.

When inquiring maintenance or repair services, remember to disclose the engine’s serial number. It can be found in the engine’s type plate which is typically located in cylinder head cover or timing belt. The serial number is usually 8 numbers.

End customers can also utilize our contract maintenance network. All of the contract maintenance companies are professionals in their field and operate as their own company, however, also recieving full technical support and assistance, as well as spare parts, from Machinery.

Machinery Contract Maintenance

Contact contract maintenance with maintenance and repair needs for your Cummins or Kubota engines.
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