Tronzadoras MG – Aluminum Saws for Over 50 Years

Tronzadoras tehdas

The Spanish machine manufacturer Tronzadoras has been producing high-quality aluminum circular saws since 1972, which are also suitable for cutting copper and PVC. The production of machines began with small manual circular saws and has expanded over the years into a comprehensive product range that now includes fully automatic saws, measuring stops, and efficient saw-drill-tapping units. In Finland, Tronzadoras is represented by Machinery Oy, a company with over 110 years of experience in the technical trade industry, and the representation was transferred to Machinery when Keyway merged with Machinery in 2019.

Today, Tronzadoras is one of the leading machine manufacturers in Spain, and their saws are supplied not only to Europe but also to markets in America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Their main headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain, where they have their showrooms, offices, and design and spare parts services. The machines themselves are manufactured in Monforte de Lemos on the west coast of Spain, where approximately 2,000-2,500 machines are produced annually. In addition to traditional circular saws, Tronzadoras’ innovative product design has led to the creation of fully automatic saws that can be equipped with 1-3 drill heads, allowing for precise and fast cutting, drilling, and tapping with a single compact and high-quality machine.

“I have been selling Tronzadoras saws for about ten years, and it has always been very rewarding because the quality of their machines is excellent, the price is very customer-friendly, and the customer service is good and fast. With the above-mentioned aspects, we have gained many satisfied Tronzadoras customers, and when customers are satisfied, I am too,” comments Katri Manninen, Product Manager for Sawing at Machinery.

A&M Välilehto Chose Tronzadoras Based on Positive User Experiences

A&M Välilehto’s business model is subcontracting and contract manufacturing. They have been operating in Luoma-aho, Alajärvi since 2011, and before that, they worked part-time from Soini. A&M Välilehto is part of the aluminum competence network La Alucenter, through which almost all aluminum-related work can be done. Work is completed quickly, partly because A&M Välilehto’s profile supplier, Mäkelä Alu, is located on the same street across the road. A&M Välilehto punches, saws, welds, vibratory grinds, assembles, and makes special packaging for these profiles. Their products are distributed to Finland and other parts of Europe and America through their main suppliers.

This year, A&M Välilehto invested in a new Tronzadoras saw-drill unit. They chose the machine based on previous positive user experiences with saws from the same manufacturer. The goal of this new investment is to streamline the fast cutting, drilling, and tapping of small parts. “We chose Tronza because we have long-term and positive user experiences with saws from the same manufacturer,” commented Ari Välilehto.


Katri Manninen

Sales Manager - Sawing

+358 440 999 604

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