Experiences of Leenharju Water Cooperative with Machinery’s Backup Power Generators

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Located in Sysmä, the Leenharju Water Cooperative has been ensuring water distribution to properties in the area for years with the J044 backup power generator supplied by Machinery.

“Leenharjun Water Cooperative was founded in Sysmä in 1999 after the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment identified a location with first-class water. Today, Leenharjun Water Cooperative supplies water to several smaller villages. Initially, the water distribution of Leenharjun Water Cooperative was associated with about 50 properties, and the total length of water pipes was about 40 kilometers. Over time, more properties have joined, and now water is supplied to around 110 properties, and the length of the water pipes has increased to about 50 kilometers. There are also farms in the area with dairy cattle that require water around the clock,” says Jyri-Pekka Schildt, Chairman of the Water Cooperative’s Board.

A decision was made to acquire a fixed backup power generator because there had been a significant number of power outages in the sparsely populated area. They had been trying to cope with long power outages using portable backup generators, but it was found to be cumbersome. Short power outages were not being addressed in a timely manner. Even short power outages affect water pressure. Therefore, they wanted to secure water distribution with a permanent solution that would prevent any interruptions in the power supply.

At the beginning of the investment decision, options were considered with the exclusion of gasoline-powered alternatives from the outset. Therefore, a diesel-powered backup generator seemed like a potential choice. The decision was made to acquire the backup power generator from Machinery because Machinery’s range included diesel-powered options equipped with John Deere engines, which stood out favorably. John Deere engines were known for their reliability and longevity. In addition, Machinery, as a major player, and its professional sales staff tilted the decision towards this particular machine. The generator was also powerful enough for their needs.

The installation of the backup power generator in Leenharju’s Water Cooperative took a while because originally, they did not order a ready-made container installation and, contrary to the original plans, they wanted the backup power generator to be placed in a separate space from the water intake.

“After the backup power generator had been standing in the shed for a while, we decided to contact Machinery’s partner, A.Repo, who quickly installed the backup power generator in a container. After the container installation, the backup power generator was connected, and it was placed in a separate room from the water intake. If I were ordering a backup power generator now, I would go for the complete delivery right away. The container has fire safety protection and everything is ready,” says Jyri-Pekka.

“The cooperation with Machinery has gone well. Machinery’s salespeople are professional, and Machinery is a reliable operator that also provides maintenance services, which we have also used. Machinery’s technicians have serviced the generator to ensure that it works whenever needed. The fact that I invested in a larger Machinery backup power generator through another company also shows that I have been satisfied with the investment. Now, we can provide tap water to properties in all situations, even during power outages,” Jyri-Pekka concludes.

Machinery offers a wide range of backup power generators in its product range, from standard models to larger and customized backup power solutions. Additionally, portable backup power generators are also available in our range.

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