Kymen Vesi Secures Critical Operations with Machinery’s Backup Power Solutions

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At the end of last year, Kymen Vesi invested in a Kohler J200 backup power generator and a Verso200 transfer switch to safeguard critical operations in case of potential power outages.

The choice of this backup power generator was made, among other reasons, due to its good availability. The installation went well, although there was a minor coolant leak in the machine during the initial uses.

Verso200 verkonvaihtokytkin

However, the leak was quickly fixed by Machinery’s maintenance team.

“The cooperation with Machinery has been excellent, and we have been satisfied with the investment,” commented Pumping Station Engineer Panu Räsänen from Kymen Vesi.

“In late July 2023, the backup power generator was put to the test when there was a power outage of just over an hour in Kymen Vesi’s service area. During this time, the backup power generator supplied electricity to the sewer pumping station along the transmission line without any issues. Prolonged power outages in the wastewater sector can result in wastewater overflows into the environment, water bodies, and in the worst case, into groundwater areas and customers’ properties. Primarily, backup power generators are used to ensure the continuity of water distribution, wastewater treatment plants, and critical wastewater pumping stations,” Panu explains.

You can find a wide range of backup power generators in our product range, from standard models to customized backup power solutions.

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