M/S Emma Equipped with Cummins QSL9 Engines Since 2020

M/S Emma Cummins QSL9

In early 2020, Machinery delivered two Cummins QSL9 marine engines to the cruise ship M/S Emma, owned by Sun Lines Oy. These Cummins engines have been powering custom and entertainment cruises around the Helsinki archipelago for three years now.

“Previously, we did not have Cummins engines in our cruise ships, but Cummins’ reputation as a reliable engine brand was familiar to us. Cummins engines proved to be suitable in terms of power, and after a detailed comparison, they were the best choice in terms of price and quality. We have been satisfied with our choice. Replacing the old engines with Cummins engines was also trouble-free, with the support of Machinery’s personnel,” said Teemu Tassberg, who is responsible for technical solutions and maintenance at the company and is also one of the owners of Sun Lines Oy.

In M/S Emma, the engines are unusually installed facing each other rather than side by side. This unique arrangement is due to the fact that the ferry travels in both directions. With the engines facing each other, the ferry can be easily maneuvered and is highly manageable. The engines are sized for the vessel so that the load rarely exceeds 50%.

Cummins QSL9 marine engines have been powering M/S Emma for three years. They offer the right balance of power and efficiency for the vessel’s operations. The technical solutions and support provided by Cummins, along with Machinery’s expertise, have contributed to the engines’ successful installation and operation.

Maritime Experiences and Cruises in the Helsinki Archipelago Since 1956

Sun Lines Oy is a family-owned company in Helsinki. The company’s operations began in 1956 with water taxi services, which later evolved into the current form as a joint-stock company and a group that includes Sun Lines Oy and Sun Ferry Oy. The business has been passed down from one generation to the next, and now, the third generation is responsible for the company’s operations. The companies own three cruise ships, with M/S Tor and M/S Suokki operating regular ferry services between Market Square and Suomenlinna, while M/S Emma specializes in custom and entertainment cruises during the summer months.

“The party cruises on M/S Emma started 20 years ago based on our customers’ requests and the desire to offer maritime experiences to not just friends but also to customers. During the summer months from May to September, M/S Emma transports around 10,000 party and custom cruise guests around the Helsinki archipelago. The ship can accommodate up to 216 passengers at its best,” described Janne Vainio, the co-owner of Sun Lines Oy.

M/S Emma’s party and custom cruises offer a delicious buffet, great music, and a high-spirited atmosphere right after leaving the harbor. It doesn’t take long for people to find their way to the dance floor. The ship has invested in sound quality, and with the quiet Cummins engines, the engine noise doesn’t interfere with the music.

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