Kewatec’s Aluminum Boats Powered by Cummins Engines – Helsinki Rescue Department Now Operates More Economically

Kewatec manufactured three oil spill response and rescue vessels for the Helsinki Fire Department, and Machinery supplied efficient, lightweight, and easy-to-install Cummins engines. Thanks to seamless collaboration, the engines were installed reliably and without any issues, even in exceptional circumstances.

The cooperation between the boat manufacturer and the engine supplier is close, starting from the sales phase to the vessel’s delivery. This ensures that the necessary technical information is available during the design phase and provides support when the vessel is put into operation. Jens Ahlskog, Site Director at Kewatec’s Kokkola office, attests to Machinery’s support.

Machinery can be especially thanked for its performance during the exceptional COVID-19 situation, where the risks related to delivery reliability had to be considered with sensitivity. We were kept well informed about the arrival of different components, allowing us to adjust our production accordingly.

The two companies have a long history of collaboration, with Machinery becoming a regular supplier of various parts for Kewatec.

In recent years, we have had several boat series where Machinery has provided very good main engines. This is why the collaboration has become very close, especially regarding the engines, Ahlskog explains.

Installation-Ready Packages Offer a Reliable and Hassle-Free Option

Kewatec AluBoat Oy Ab builds aluminum boats for professional use, tailored to each customer’s needs. For the Helsinki Fire Department, the company manufactured three 12-meter vessels used for oil spill response and rescue missions. Machinery supplied two Cummins QSB6.7 engines for each vessel, which are the most popular Cummins marine engines sold by Machinery.

In the two-engine solution, both engines are used for propulsion, and in firefighting missions, one engine holds the vessel in place, while the other powers the fire pump. The engines were delivered as fully assembled units.

The package included the engine, marine gear, throttle handles, wiring harness, and a pre-programmed engine display. Kewatec only needed to install the engines, says Petri Flinkman, Sales and Application Engineer at Machinery.

Economical Operation with a Compact and Fuel-Efficient Engine

Several factors affect the engine selection, with perhaps the most important being power and durability: can the engine be used at the required power continuously or only for shorter periods? Additionally, the weight of the engine, ease of maintenance, and cost are taken into consideration.

Cummins QSB6.7 is a widely proven engine, compact in size, and excellent in terms of power-to-weight ratio, Flinkman evaluates.

During the boat trials, the vessels received praise for their fuel efficiency and good cargo-carrying capacity. The boats have already seen plenty of operation in Helsinki, and the end-users are satisfied.

The vessel is very economical, with suitable propulsion and power. The combination matters, and with a good hull, the engine can truly shine, Ahlskog concludes.


Petri Flinkman

Sales and Application Engineer
Cummins , Marine, Onan Generators

+358 20 163 0348

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