Cummins Stage V emission Class Engines Provide Power to Turf Gamechabger Machines

Machinery has supplied Cummins F3.8 Stage V emission class engines to the Turf Gamechanger machines. Turf Gamechanger is a machine designed for turf maintenance, taking field maintenance efficiency and quality to a new level. Turf Gamechanger allows the combination of eight different working phases into a single pass. After one pass, a fully maintained turf area is achieved, compared to the traditional method where each maintenance phase is carried out with different machines and on separate occasions.

The Cummins engines installed in the Turf Gamechanger machines have a power output of 154 hp (115 kW) at 2200 rpm. The power requirements for various functions of the machine were determined during the design phase, which dictated the engine requirements. “The Cummins F3.8 engine’s power, weight, and size were optimal for our purpose,” said Ilkka Kankkunen, CEO of Turf Gamechanger. In addition to power, the engine needed to meet the strictest environmental standards because the TGC machines’ target markets require at least Tier 4 level emissions. Cummins Stage V engines are designed to meet the Stage 5 emission standards for industrial, mining, and material handling machinery without the need for an EGR valve, using single-module aftertreatment. This single-module aftertreatment saves 50% of space and reduces weight by 30% compared to Tier 4 engine installations. The choice of the Cummins brand was also influenced by the comprehensive service and spare parts availability in the main markets of the machines in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia.

Turf Gamechanger is a creation of technology leader Ilkka Kaivosoja, whose idea originated from the desire to improve the efficiency and quality of field maintenance. With over 30 years of experience in golf course maintenance and construction, Kaivosoja envisioned a new concept of combining multiple work phases into a single machine to significantly enhance work quality and efficiency. The Turf Gamechanger machine consists of a multi-purpose platform with a movable partition that allows the storage of two materials at the same time. As the soil aerator or vertical cutter removes material from the soil, it is directly suctioned into the front of the platform, while cover material is spread onto the grass from the back of the platform. As work progresses, the partition moves to the rear of the platform, freeing up space for waste material. Eventually, all cover material is distributed onto the grass, and the platform is filled with waste. After this, the waste is loaded and new cover material is added to the platform. The structure of the Turf Gamechanger machine is modular, meaning the same base machine can be equipped with various functional units, thereby maximizing machine utilization. The machine’s seven wide wheels, three front axles, and four rear axles enable lower and evenly distributed surface pressure, resulting in a smooth lawn without depressions and grooves.

The Turf Gamechanger machine was launched in the fall of 2021, and the first production batch is currently being manufactured for the initial customers. “Turf Gamechanger machines and the method are aimed at international markets, and our goal is to change the turf maintenance practices for sports fields worldwide,” says Kankkunen. The initial reception of this new method has been very positive, especially in golf course maintenance, where there is a need for improved work efficiency and quality.”


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