We Visited Our Customer Dinolift Oy for the Machine Acceptance at the Niigata Factory in Japan

Dinolift Oy, based in Loimaa, Finland, has purchased a Niigata HN1000S horizontal machining center from us. The machine will be delivered, installed, and commissioned in August of this year.

Our technical expert, Asko Silvala, visited the customer to receive the machining center at the Niigata factory in Japan. Niigata’s horizontal machining centers are among the top products on the market.

“The acceptance process went well, and the customer was pleased with what they saw. It was nice to see that the customer was genuinely happy with the machine they purchased and got answers directly from the machine manufacturer to the questions they had. The customer approved the machine, and we signed the preliminary acceptance protocol. All in all, it was a successful trip,” commented Asko Silvala.

What is covered in the machine acceptance process?

During machine acceptance, a protocol is filled out, documenting all measurements and observations made during the preliminary acceptance.

The following aspects are covered during acceptance:

  • Visual overall inspection
  • Safety features
  • The machine’s standard technical specifications
  • Options, accessories, and features included in the delivery, including machine and control options
  • Geometric accuracy of the machine (positioning accuracy, repeatability, and circular interpolation accuracy).

After this, if everything aligns with the agreed-upon specifications, the preliminary acceptance of the machine is approved, and the machine is ready for delivery.

Dinolift Oy

Dinolift Oy is a Finnish company that manufactures high-quality, lightweight DINO personnel lifts. The lifts are manufactured in their own factory in Loimaa from start to finish. Currently, DINO personnel lifts are sold in over 40 countries around the world.

More information

Kari Pirttilä

Sales Manager - Heavy machining

+358 400 510 736

Asko Silvala

Technical support

+358 20 163 0375


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