Tsurumi Pumps Successfully Empty The Mining Pool


In the summer, Seinäjoki KTK received Tsurumi KTZ67.5 and KTZ415 pumps for Swerock’s Routakallio rock area. The Tsurumi pumps are intended to efficiently drain the lower mining pool during the autumn. In the project, water is pumped with the KTZ67.5 pump, lifting it 10 meters from the pond to an intermediate pool. From the small intermediate pool, water is pumped 30 meters up with the KTZ415 pump to an open ditch located a few hundred meters away. These methods are intended to completely dry the water pool.

Seinäjoki KTK is a versatile transportation company founded in 1994. In addition to transportation services, the company offers aggregates and crushed materials produced at its own crushing plant. They also provide services for sands, gravels, round stones, soils, and more.

“Previously, we used Grindex pumps supplied by Machinery. After hearing about the long history of Tsurumi pumps, we decided to try Tsurumi pumps for a change, and we have been satisfied,” commented Ari Kylkisalo, the Works Manager of Seinäjoki KTK Oy. Currently, they have a total of three Tsurumi pumps in operation.

Tsurumi manufactures submersible, slurry, and wastewater pumps for demanding applications, including construction sites, waste management, mines, and heavy industries. The nearly 100-year-old pump manufacturer is one of the world’s leading players in its field.


Mikko Niemi

Sales Manager

+358 20 163 0406

| Metallintyöstökoneet


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