Swanlift Articulated Telescopic Lift Brought New Dimension to the Market in 2022

This domestic innovation, Swanlift articulated telescopic lift, has received a highly positive reception and proven to be an excellent alternative. The design of the machine has paid special attention to maneuverability, ease of use, and durability. Swanlift articulated telescopic lift has been designed in close collaboration with Machinery and the Finnish machine manufacturer Mekorak Engineering Ltd.

Seppo Halme, who is heavily involved in Swanlift’s product development and sales at Machinery, says, “Originally, Swanlift’s design and production began in response to the customers’ request for an efficient and modern yet user-friendly lift. Key features included upgradable bus control and efficient battery operation. The lift’s battery provides power for the entire workday and can be recharged during work if necessary. In addition, we emphasized a short towing length, the greatest possible horizontal reach, and the use of outriggers and transfer motors from both the bottom and the basket. The energy transmission chain of the lift is fully protected with an easily removable casing, which safeguards the chain from damage while allowing effortless maintenance.”

“We have delivered 18ZBs to rental companies and installation companies, and the reception has been positive, even enthusiastic. Next, we plan to develop a little brother for Swanlift 18ZB during the upcoming winter, launching it in the spring, while listening to our customers’ requests.”

Swanlift articulated telescopic lift has a horizontal reach of up to 12 meters, and the machine’s transport length has been optimized to be as short as possible to easily fit into tight spaces.

Praise for Battery Operation and Reach

Construction equipment rental company Ojamart Oy was one of the first to add the Swanlift 18 ZB articulated telescopic lift to their fleet, and it has been in use for about a year. Juha Ojala, CEO of Ojamart, mentions that the machine has received special praise from customers for its battery operation and reach. Cooperation between Machinery and the manufacturer has gone extremely well.

Juha Ojala Swanlift-nostimen kyydissä

The Swanlift articulated telescopic lift offers precise and stepless movements through the machine’s bus control. It features an articulated telescopic boom and a rotating work platform, allowing for reach even in challenging locations. The horizontal reach is up to 12 meters, and the machine’s transport length has been optimized to be as short as possible to easily fit into tight spaces. Additionally, this battery-powered machine is quiet and emission-free. The Swanlift articulated telescopic lift has been designed to be extremely user-friendly with simple controls. All control movements are clearly marked, and the machine can be easily operated without the need to leave the work platform.

Swanlift articulated telescopic lift provides an efficient, versatile, and environmentally friendly tool for construction, installation, and various maintenance tasks at heights. Overall, Swanlift articulated telescopic lift has proven to be an excellent addition to the machine lineup and meets even demanding requirements.

The orginal article was published in Europörssi 12th October 2023.


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