Ramirent Expands Its Selection of Tsurumi Pumps

Remirent tsurumi-pumpputoimitus

Ramirent has received its second delivery of over 100 Tsurumi pumps. Most of the delivered pumps were LB800 pumps, but the delivery also included KTV3-55 three-phase pumps. Machinery had previously delivered a similar batch to Ramirent a year ago, and the pumps have been in Ramirent’s inventory and in use for a year.

“The initial impression has been very positive. During the year, very few pumps have been returned for maintenance, and we are talking about individual cases. These cases have been due to user errors, such as cable damage, for example. The pumps seem to endure well in use. The availability of spare parts has been good, and the pumps have otherwise served our needs well. The pumps are user-friendly enough, and customers also seem satisfied in every way. Overall, Tsurumi pumps appear to be well-suited to our other product range in terms of their characteristics,” says Jani Keinänen, Ramirent’s Workshop Manager.

LB series submersible pumps are suitable for dewatering on construction sites, municipal technical maintenance, rental companies, fire departments, and industrial maintenance. The KTV series aluminum pumps combine high-tech materials with exceptional durability while remaining lightweight and portable. The pumps in this series are suitable for both dewatering on construction sites and installation in finished facilities. Tsurumi pumps are globally recognized and known for their cutting-edge technology and unique quality.

Ramirent is a rental equipment conglomerate operating in the Nordic countries, Central and Eastern Europe. Ramirent Finland Oy serves customers in Finland with a network of over 60 rental offices worldwide.


Mikko Niemi

Sales Manager

+358 20 163 0406

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