PTH-Metalli Oy Invests in Two MEBA Band Saws at Once

PTH-Metalli Meba

During the past summer, PTH-Metalli Oy had two Meban band saws installed and put into operation: the robust Meba PRO 300-A vertical guided automatic saw, ideal for efficient and reliable batch cutting of larger materials, and the MebaSwing 260 DG-Hs semi-automatic miter saw for cutting profiles and tube miter angles.

The German band saw manufacturer MEBA offers saws for all cutting needs, and the high quality of their products ensures easy, reliable, and trouble-free cutting year after year.

“When we set out to update our cutting equipment, it was clear that we needed two different saws with specific features. Our goal was to find a single supplier for both saws, preferably from the same brand. This will make maintenance and upkeep easier in the future with a single, consistent supplier. We found suitable saws from MEBA, represented by Machinery Oy. Furthermore, the easy programming and operation of the saws received positive feedback from our future users,” commented Christian Westerlund, Procurement Manager at PTH-Metalli.

PTH-Metalli is a machine shop located in Porvoo, Finland, with a history of over 70 years, specializing in subcontract manufacturing. Their current premises are in the Tarmola industrial area at Veckjärventie 1. Their versatile machinery covers all essential stages of production, from laser and plasma cutting to robot welding, multi-sided machining, powder coating, and final assembly.


In many cases, the commissioning of machines is a multi-stage process, where comprehensive training is essential. Machinery wants to ensure that the machines they supply are used smoothly for as long as possible.

This is also the case with the saws. Machinery’s saw professional, Katri Manninen, often provides training for Meba saws at customers’ premises. This approach is taken to ensure the long service life of the machines by ensuring that the saws are used correctly, and any potential issues can be addressed quickly. Additionally, on-site training allows customers to ask questions and receive guidance tailored to their specific needs.

Koulutustilanne Meba

“During training, we go through the general features of the saw with the saw operators and then learn about programming and other usage aspects. Since Meba’s programming is simply excellent, we quickly move on to the most interesting part of the training day: putting the saw to work and watching the chips fly.

I always find these training sessions beneficial because I get to know the saw operators and gain a better understanding of the types of cuts they perform. I always learn something new myself too. When the training is completed, what warms my heart the most is seeing that the customer is satisfied with their new saw and how well Meba performs,” says Katri Manninen.

The original article: Konekuriiri 6.10.2023


Katri Manninen

Sales Manager - Sawing

+358 440 999 604

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