Production Grows by Investing in Precise Metalworking Machines

Established metal industry company, Puristeteos Oy, has made two recent investments in SafanDarley servo press brakes. These acquisitions have already saved a significant amount of time and money. Precise sheet metal machines also reduce waste and unnecessary running around.

Safan servosärmäyspuristin

At Puristeteos Oy’s facility in Kangasala, approximately 200 new robot-controlled bending projects are started each year. Traditionally, the beginning of these projects has been somewhat cumbersome. Adjusting hydraulic machines takes time, and often, a few initial pieces end up as practice pieces, which are discarded.

In the summer of 2020, Puristeteos invested in the SafanDarley servo press brake, which has proven to be a profitable investment in under a year. The machine has notably streamlined the start of projects since servo press brakes are faster and more accurate than traditional hydraulic presses.

“Roughly 100 to 150 work hours have been saved. In monetary terms, it translates to thousands of euros. Additionally, waste has dropped almost to zero, as the first piece bent on the Safan is typically perfect,” says Ville Mäenpää, CEO of Puristeteos.

The entire production chain works when the equipment is accurate from the start

The servo press brake has also proven to be so user-friendly that in the spring of 2021, Mäenpää decided to invest in another Safan machine. The new servo press brake is larger, more powerful, and so precise that it can detect variations as small as a hundredth of a millimeter in the thickness of metal sheets. The new press brake is combined with a Yaskawa robot, handling challenging materials such as aluminum.

“The machine measures the thickness of the metal sheet and bends it accurately every time. This significantly affects the smoothness of the entire production chain because even small errors at the beginning eventually accumulate during the process,” says Mäenpää.

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Investing Pays Off: Money Makes Money

Mäenpää continues, saying that eliminating waste has been one of Puristeteos’ most important goals for a few years now. When time isn’t spent adjusting machines, products are manufactured efficiently. By investing in high-quality equipment and focusing on digitization, the company has rapidly increased its profits.

“Over the past 18 years, I’ve invested about 11 million euros in machinery and facilities. This has had a significant impact on Puristeteos, increasing its turnover from 900,000 euros to over five million,” he says.

Efficiency Expands the Customer’s Wallet

Puristeteos Oy invests in smooth customer service processes. The company’s key partners are machine and furniture industry players, with whom strategic development cooperation takes place.

Thanks to precise and efficient metalworking machines and work processes, Puristeteos has also accelerated the sales growth of its customers.

“We have about 3,000 different metal parts in production, from tractor rollover protection structures to chimneys and design and safety furniture. It’s essential that parts and the assemblies they create can be manufactured efficiently without compromising quality. Cooperation with customers ensures that the end product sells well and serves the user in the best possible way.

Lifecycle services ensure that you don’t have to figure out the machine on your own

Puristeteos uses Safan sheet metal machines acquired through Machinery Oy. Ville Mäenpää says that cooperation with Machinery has gone smoothly. Machinery has assisted with all questions related to acquisitions, from identifying needs to commissioning the machines.

Machinery Oy places a strong emphasis on the lifecycle model in its operations. The company stands alongside the customer from the initial stages of the investment to the end of the machine’s service life.

“We identify the needs together with the customer, acquire the machines, and take care of their installation. We provide training for users, organize machine maintenance, and, if necessary, remove old machines. When you purchase a machine from us, you are not left alone,” promises Kalle Louhimo from Machinery Oy.


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