Preliminary acceptance of the Zayer Kairos long milling machine delivered to Kone-Tuomi Oy during an exceptional time

A Zayer KAIROS long milling machine is being delivered to Kone-Tuomi Oy’s Kauttua machine shop

The long-standing cooperation between Machinery and Kone-Tuomi Oy continues, this time in the form of a machine delivery. Kone-Tuomi’s CFO, Marko Lehtinen, commented on the acquisition of the Zayer machine as follows: ‘We wanted to increase, diversify, and modernize the milling machine capacity at our Kauttua machine shop. I assembled a five-member investment team for the project, and we traveled to four machine factories in Spain and Italy. We already have two Zayer table-type long milling machines with good experiences. The floor model machine with a rotary table and horizontal rotary device brings a whole new dimension and possibilities to our work. The 6000 rpm spindle speed allows us to utilize modern tool technology.’

One of the key requirements for the acquired machine was its robustness. Zayer’s wide X-guide, two-meter frame, and the spindle’s ability to tilt at a negative angle were factors that influenced the choice of the Zayer machine.

How does preliminary acceptance proceed during exceptional times?

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, the preliminary acceptance of the Zayer long milling machine delivered to Kauttua machine shop required special arrangements. The preliminary acceptance took place in Vitoria, Spain, in March 2021. Unusually, only Machinery’s representative Asko Silvala, who had gone through quarantine and COVID tests, traveled to the site, and he recorded the preliminary acceptance live to Finland. ‘Mostly everything went as usual, but this time the customer’s representatives did not travel to the site; instead, they followed the day in real-time via a Teams connection,’ Silvala explains.

Representatives of Kone-Tuomi and Machinery’s salesperson, Kari Pirttilä, followed the preliminary acceptance throughout the day via real-time video connection. ‘Of course, it’s not the same as being there in person, but the circumstances are what they are, and it was a decent performance,’ says Kone-Tuomi’s CFO, Marko Lehtinen.


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