Matic-Sorvaus Expands its Service Offering with Hyundai-Wia CNC-Lathes


Matic-Sorvaus Oy, a provider of automatic turning services since 1984, has expanded its service concept up to a diameter of 300 mm with the introduction of the Hyundai WIA HD2600M CNC lathe equipped with a bar feeder in August.

Ownership of Matic-Sorvaus Oy was transferred to a new owner, Vesa Saari, in 2018, after its founder Mauri Mattila retired. Saari acquired the entire share capital of Matic-Sorvaus. The change in ownership brought new energy to the company’s progress: the turnover in 2018, which was 800,000 euros, has increased to 1.3 million euros. Significant changes have been made, particularly in the machine fleet, as the arsenal of 17 cam-operated machines has been reduced to two.

“Our production has changed significantly. Cam-operated machines have been replaced by lathes with the latest CNC technology. With the machines, we have also added more CNC operators, and today we employ six people. Finding new experts is not easy, but we have succeeded quite well in this challenging task. One of our absolute strengths is our skilled staff, which gives us nearly 40 years of experience in serving our customers, as a small contract manufacturer like us,” says CEO Vesa Saari.

“Many still swear by cam-operated machines, but the transition to CNC technology has brought flexibility to our operations and tremendous improvements in setup times. Batch sizes have generally decreased, but we still produce products ranging from tens to tens of thousands in quantity, in various materials, including black, HST, stainless steel, aluminum, and high-strength steels, the share of which has been increasing recently,” Saari explains.

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The diameter range for Matic-Sorvaus’s turning services was 1-60 mm. “With the acquisition of the Hyundai WIA CNC lathe, we can offer turning services up to a diameter of 300 mm. The bar feeder enhances the machine’s efficiency up to a diameter of 80 mm.

“We considered the choice of machine between two brands for this investment. Of course, a reasonable price was important, but ultimately, we chose Hyundai WIA, thanks to the active support from the Hyundai WIA sales representative. We have been satisfied with our choice, and the installation and commissioning of the machine went very smoothly. The day after the machine arrived, we were already making chips with it. Of course, one of the criteria for our choice was Machinery’s credible after-sales services, which are significant. Maintenance, spare parts, and assistance must be available when needed,” says Saari.

Saari first got acquainted with Hyundai WIA in Germany at Hyundai’s Technology Center as a guest of Machinery, even before the pandemic. “Hyundai is a widely used brand in Finland, and there are many satisfied users of the machine in our country. Before making the machine purchase, we made a reference visit to one of the Hyundai WIA users, and the feedback we received was positive. With confidence, we chose Hyundai WIA, and the choice has proven to be a good one,” says Saari.

“We have a registry of just under a hundred customers. We want to continue expanding our customer base, and now, with Hyundai WIA, we have the opportunity to offer new types of work to our current and new customers. Our new machine features, among other things, rotating tools and a programmable tailstock, which allows for longer turning operations and the production of longer external threads,” says Saari.

According to Saari, the Hyundai WIA HD2600M CNC lathe equipped with a bar feeder is a precision tool, especially for small series, and it expands the service offering to larger diameters. “Hyundai WIA also frees up our other machines that are more suitable for larger series for these tasks.”

A Good Situation

“By moving to two shifts, we have increased the utilization rates of our excellent machines. Without these actions, we would not have been able to respond to the growing demand that has occurred after the pandemic. The situation continues to be good, and the outlook for the future looks very promising. These are good topics to discuss further at the Subcontracting Fair, where you can find us at booth D342. If you’re not yet one of our customers, it’s worth coming for a chat. Together, we can consider how our efficient and flexible way of working could serve your needs,” encourages Saari.

The original news article: Eurometalli, August 30, 2023.

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