Machinery Ltd is the new representative od Tsurumi pumps in Finland

Machinery Ltd has entered into a representative agreement with Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The representation concerns the import and sale of wastewater, sludge and internal combustion engine pumps manufactured by Tsurumi, as well as spare parts and maintenance services. The representation is a welcome addition to Machinery’s existing range of construction machinery and services. Machinery will begin to sell Tsurumi pumps as of 1 June 2020.

Tsurumi was founded in 1924 in Osaka, Japan. Since its founding, Tsurumi has focused its product development on the creation and further development of advanced water use systems. The plant in Kyoto manufactures about one million pumps for various uses per year. Tsurumi pumps are known worldwide for their durable quality and wide range of pumps. They manufacture pumps for a variety of applications, including mining and tunneling, construction and factory operations. In its product development, Tsurumi focuses on keeping the high quality and easy maintenance of the pumps with the ultimate goal of reducing the end user’s own costs.

“It is with great pleasure that we announce our new partner for Finland, Machinery. Our new business partner has extensive experience in construction dewatering, among other connected industries. The new partnership between Machinery and Tsurumi is built on a clear vision to further improve customer service in Finland.” – Birger Schmidt

Tsurumi Pumps – Stronger for Longer – Six unique features of Tsurumi pumps

  1. A unique patented oil lifter that extends the service intervals and service life of the pump
  2. A sealing sleeve that closes the water tightly to the outside
  3. Double mechanical shaft seal in the oil bath, as a result of which the pumps withstand the pumping pressure well, and water leakage into the motor is prevented
  4. Continuous use with dry running
  5. Extremely durable pump housing and impeller
  6. High-quality shaft and ball bearings enable the pumps to be used horizontally, even when the pump is fully submerged

“We are pleased to be adding Tsurumi to Machinery’s range. The addition gives us new opportunities to grow our customer base in various industries. Tsurumi’s pump range complements our current product range in the fields of civil engineering and mining, for example,” commented Janne Virtanen, Construction Director of Machinery.

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Tsurumi pumps have been developed to withstand harsh conditions. As of 1 June, Machinery’s range includes pumps for all uses.


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