Backup power works when the need is greatest – a multidimensional system requires a great deal from both design and maintenance

Backup power systems safeguard society’s operations in the event of a power outage. Whether the system is small or large, it requires expertise from several different areas. Circumstances can make a project challenging, and therefore the most effective solutions are sought at an early stage. The extensive experience of Machinery’s experts ensures that challenges are met, and a backup power system that operates with certainty is put in place.
We are dependent on electricity in perhaps more ways than many realise. In the absence of electricity, heat, water and data networks also fail. Store checkout systems do not work, and your vehicle is not refueled. Even a short power outage can cut off both the water supply and the drainage of sewage, and if the sewage water in the city does not move, problems are quick to arrive. When we talk about health care, electricity is about human lives.
In the event of a power outage, the backup power systems keep operations running in several areas of society. In hospitals, the critical operations are secured by UPS systems, but the backup power plant is required to operate at full power within 15 seconds of the outage. If surgeries are performed on the premises, the criteria are ever higher: duplicate control systems and more fuel may be required to guarantee a longer operating time. The system must operate with certainty and for a sufficient period of time.

Challenges are solved with long and varied experience

Machinery has a team with decades of experience who work on a wide range of projects – from simple equipment to technically demanding parts and equipment self-made from scratch.
Whatever the size of the backup power system, circumstances can pose challenges to its implementation. The project must remain within strict noise requirements and, for example, the connection of the system to the building must be resolved. Sometimes the location can prove cumbersome or the planned implementation too expensive, but our extensive experience allows us to flexibly change plans.
We undertake a great deal of pre-planning with potential customers even before the call for tenders, so that the challenges can be resolved from below, and there are good starting points when putting out a call for tenders. Backup power requires a wide range of expertise from motor and generator technology to control logic and ventilation design; therefore, ideas are exchanged and options are considered from the get-go.

Doing it oneself brings manageability to the project

When a backup power project is in the hands of the same person, from sales to planning and commissioning, the details of the project remain in control. From start to finish, it is clear how the work is progressing and what kind of needs the entirety has been tailored towards. However, the course of the project, the operating methods and the components we use are the same regardless of the project, so the work is smooth and according to plans.
We build many of the backup power machines we sell, as well as auxiliary equipment and control systems. Efficiency is achieved by using the machine manufacturer’s semi-finished package, which often includes the engine, generator and chassis. By building the machines ourselves, we ensure that the components are always the same. This way, most of the necessary spare parts can also be found on our shelf directly without waiting.
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Well-planned maintenance keeps the backup power system operational

The maintenance needs of the backup power system can come as a surprise: why does the equipment need to be serviced if it has not been used? Fuel and seals do not last forever, and faults can prevent the entire system from working when it is really needed. In most cases, a faulty machine looks the same when it is turned on, and therefore the system must be tested from time to time. Alarm and safety devices must also be checked regularly.
What makes a backup power system challenging is how many parts it consists of. It includes, among other things, the engine, generator, control system and various auxiliary systems for ventilation, cooling, storage, and the transfer of fuel, for example. Different components have different maintenance needs at different times, and expertise is even needed in different fields, such as motor and electrical engineering.
The goal of maintenance is to maintain operational reliability at the planned level. It is desirable to detect faults that cause malfunctions in advance – not when the device is needed. A maintenance programme is drawn up for each item, which specifies the parts that are to be serviced and on what schedule. This also ensures that important maintenance measures do not interfere with the Customer’s daily life. If necessary, the systems can be serviced at night.

Backup power is made out of love for the field

For those who are considering purchasing a backup power system, we would like to suggest that it is worth discussing solutions and suppliers with those who have already made a purchase. This will give you an idea of what kind of system and supplier might be right for your needs. Find the right experiences and utilise references.
As with everything else in life, backup power that should be done out of love for the field. The best results are obtained when the designer is genuinely interested and enthusiastic about his or her work – and that is what we at Machinery have.
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Machinery has a team with decades of experience working on a wide range of projects – from simple equipment to technically demanding parts and equipment self-made from scratch.



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