Arttim Has Grown From “One-Person And a Van” -Business Into a Versatile Maintenance Expert

Arttim’s Tuomas Parttimaa started his business in 2004 with the repair of livestock machinery. Today, Arttim employs 30 people and several subcontractors. The company has grown rapidly, with a turnover of approximately five million euros in the last financial year. Arttim is a family business, led by Tuomas and his brother Ville Parttimaa. As the company has expanded, its facilities have grown as well, and Arttim now has branches in Tuomiojalla and Raahe. The production area in each branch is 1200 m2, there are paint shops of 600 m2, and a covered warehouse of 400 m2. In total, there are about 4 hectares of outdoor storage space at both locations.

In proximity to the customer

Modern machine shop facilities are located in Tuomiojalla, where there are two production halls. Arttim’s installation services operate separately in their facilities in Raahe. The versatile order machine shop in Tuomiojalla supplies steel structures, piping and repair work, as well as a wide range of sheet metal work. The largest customer groups include steel mills, concrete industry, paper and pulp industry, and customers in industrialized rural areas.

Arttim’s strength lies in comprehensive and flexible customer-oriented service. The work is primarily one-time projects, covering everything from manufacturing to installation. The work is handled efficiently, with a machine fleet that includes CNC-controlled automatic machines, guided by modern production planning. The scarcity of labor has guided Arttim to acquire CNC-controlled machining machines and streamline processes for the best possible service to customers.

Microstep’s plasma cutting machine speeds up the production of blanks

At the end of last year, the machine shop invested in a Microstep plasma cutting machine, which allows blanks to be manufactured immediately as needed, and the work can also be outsourced. The Microstep plasma cutting machine has only been in use for a few months, but Tuomas can’t remember how they managed before their latest investment. The machine was sold by Kalle Louhimo from Machinery, who has been helping and supporting machine purchases throughout Arttim’s journey, recommending suitable machines to improve production.

Flexible maintenance for customers

In Raahe, there is a maintenance unit that serves customers comprehensively. Recently, an industrial property was purchased in Raahe, with a ready-made industrial paint shop on the premises. ‘Customers range from large to small, but all are equally important to us,’ says Tuomas Parttimaa. Some of the larger clients include SSAB, Valmet, and Steel-Kamet Oy. Skilled installers handle even the most demanding tasks, and occasionally installation work is done beyond Finland’s borders.

Arttim’s operations have expanded nicely, but what’s next? Tuomas was asked this question, and he said that the dream would be to develop their own product. Additionally, they aim to serve existing and potential new customers as effectively as possible. He encouraged reaching out if there is a need for a reliable and skilled maintenance partner.”

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