Amak Oy Introuced Hyundai-Wia SE2200LM Lathe and MEBAPRO 260 AP Band Saw with Roller Conveyors this Year

AMAK Oy, in collaboration with Machinery, commissioned the Hyundai-Wia SE2200LM lathe with the STC Super 80 bar feeder and the MebaPro 260 AP band saw along with the necessary roller conveyors this year. Helsinki-based AMAK offers precision machining, turning, and milling services, working primarily with materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, brass, and titanium.

“The size of the machine matters, in the sense of what the machinists can lift onto the table themselves,” laughs Mika Parkkonen, Technical Director of AMAK Oy.

AMAK’s customer base primarily consists of Finnish export companies, with some export operations to countries such as Hungary, Sweden, Estonia, and Poland.


When AMAK’s old band saw was getting quite old, Mika Parkkonen considered that upgrading to a more modern version of the saw would provide the necessary additional cutting power. The lathe acquisition became relevant at the same time.

Why the MebaPro 260 AP band saw specifically?

“There are many band saws available in the market, ranging from basic ones to versatile, high-quality ones, and then there are top-of-the-line saws. We were looking for a band saw that is versatile, compact, and has a sturdy structure. I also knew that if you compromise on price and features at this point, it would be the wrong choice in the long run because the lifecycle of high-quality band saws is long, and we wanted its features to be relevant even years from now.

I chose the Meba Pro 260 AP automatic band saw because it has the features of a large saw in a compact package: powerful, robust, and well-equipped, a high-quality band saw. Now, the saw has been in use for a few months, and both the saw operator, Adel Abdalla, and I have been very satisfied with the decision to purchase Meba,” says Mika Parkkonen.

AMAK Oy – Quality and Vision AMAK Oy is a family-owned company founded in 1965, initially operating as a manufacturer of postal machines. They produced the mechanical parts of postal machines themselves, so they had machining equipment for manufacturing parts from the very beginning. In the 1980s, subcontracting work increased, and in the early 1990s, AMAK decided to focus exclusively on machining.


Katri Manninen

Sales Manager - Sawing

+358 440 999 604

Jukka Ilonen

Sales Manager - Machining

+358 44 764 0304

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