The Grindex drainage and sludge pumps with over 50 years of experience. Choosing the right drainage pump or a sludge pump for a work site is important, so that you get the best possible result without putting strain on the pump. We have a wide range of pumps with the flow of 6–350 litres per second. Grindex makes pumps for demanding locations, such as construction sites, waste disposal, mines and heavy industry. The over 75-year-old electrical submersible pump manufacturer is one of the world leaders in their field.

On the Grindex website, you can find “The Pump Handbook” that tells you e.g. about choosing the right pump. In addition to that, you can find information about the different models, about using and assembling the pumps, about accessories and spare parts as well as the pump drawings. http://www.grindex.com/documents

On the Grindex website, you can also find the Feature Navigator for Grindex new pumps. http://www.grindex.se/shared-media/flash/grindex_virtual_tour.swf

With the handy Pump Selector, you calculate which pump size would best suit your needs. http://extranet.grindex.com/pumpselect/newPumpselect.php

We also provide maintenance and spare parts for Grindex drainage pumps. Our pump maintenance service always includes a load test run to make sure your pump’s capacity is in accordance with the manufacturer’s rating. We are authorised Grindex drainage pump repairers, so we carry spare parts in stock.

Below is a promotional video about Grindex as a manufacturer: