Other construction equipment

Reliability and quality you can trust

We offer the best know-how in the construction equipment market. We sell, install and maintain construction equipment in a variety of ways. Our customers range from construction companies to rental companies and from mines to tower blocks. Three values ​​have been set for the selection criteria for our construction equipment product range: quality, safety and usability. We represent strong brands whose products meet the selection criteria.

Shoring equipment

We have an extensive range of formwork and shoring systems, including loading bridges. Safety and ease of use should not be compromised when handling these components. Our selection consists of only products that meet stringent quality requirements. We offer high-quality aluminum and steel shoring supports as well as ground support systems for construction professionals. Our product range also includes formwork and shoring supports. All our products have been carefully selected to meet high-quality standards, ensuring workplace safety and maximum comfort.

Drying and Heating Equipment

Efficient construction requires suitable conditions. We provide heating and humidity control solutions for construction sites. Our range includes dryers, fans, and temporary heating systems that create ideal conditions for success. Additionally, we offer portable heating centers and boiler containers, which can be used for temporary heating on construction sites, frost thawing, temporary hot water supply, and testing district heating pipelines.

Construction Lights

Our versatile construction lights ensure efficient illumination on construction sites, even during the darkest times of the year. Sufficient and bright illumination is a significant part of workplace safety, so it’s important to adequately light construction sites. Our construction lights are suitable for indoor use, construction sites, and even sports events.

Construction Elevators

When you need a high-quality goods or passenger elevator for construction sites, industry, or large storage facilities, turn to us! Our range includes construction elevators designed and manufactured in accordance with modern regulations and requirements. These elevators have proven to be beneficial to many operators worldwide, including major construction projects, port sites, offshore drilling platforms, and large distribution centers.

Rebar Machineery

We provide rebar machinery for both construction and industrial use. Our machines are designed with simplicity and minimal maintenance requirements, making them robust and safe. The bending capacity extends up to Ø55 mm! Our range includes both programmable and automatic models.

Concrete Casting Equipment

Our concrete casting equipment includes high-quality machines, vibrator pokers, high-frequency vibrator pokers, surface and beam vibrators, and trowelling machines. In concrete casting, it’s essential that the machines are designed with the construction site practices in mind. These devices pay special attention to the working environment, ergonomics, high-quality materials, and are suitable for demanding construction site conditions. They are also environmentally friendly. With our wide product range, you’ll find the right machine for your needs.

Fencing Equipment

Site fencing for the protection and isolation of construction sites. We supply high-quality fencing equipment, including construction fences, pedestrian fences, crowd control barriers, noise barriers, combined fences, privacy screen panel fences, sliding gates (manual and electric).

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