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SANY SY75 Excavators

Sany excavators can now be found under the Sany Nordic brand.
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The SANY SY75 is a high-performance excavator and offers very goog driving comfort for the driver. Strong structure and excellent balance guarantee excellent efficiency and productivity.

With Sany excavators, maintenance is effortless as all service points are easily accessible. On top of all that, Sany excavators have a 5-year warranty, which increases worry-free use for years.


  • quiet and vibration-free engine
  • efficient load sensing hydraulics
  • easily responsive and precise control
  • ergonomic, comfortable seat
  • clear keys and large color display
  • optimal visibility
  • efficient heating device
  • light and compact size
  • all service points easily accessible
  • SANY 5-year warranty
  • ROPS / FOPS certified cabin

The Sany SY75 excavators feature a quiet and vibration-free Isuzu engine and powerful load-sensing hydraulics, which together ensure a comfortable and efficient earthmoving. Easily responsive and precise control makes using the excavator effortless and easy. The cabin design of the excavator model has taken into account the comfort of the excavator operator in particular; it has an ergonomic and comfortable seat as well as clear keys and a large color display. In addition to the comfort of using the cabins, the safety of the user is a priority, and the cabins are naturally ROPS/FOPS certified. In addition, the cabin has an efficient heating device that ensures a comfortable working temperature, even in extreme conditions. The design of the excavator cabin has taken into account good visibility to the worksite.

For more information do not hesitate to ask help from our sales! Let’s find together the right Sany excavator for your needs!

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Power 43 kW/2,000 rpm
Torsion 215 Nm/1,800 rpm
Speed: fast/slow Fast: 4. km/h, slow: 2.4 km/h
Operating weight 7280 kg
Ground pressure 0.33 kg/cm²
Main pumps variable displacement piston pump
Max. oil flow 158 l/min.


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