Aerial work platforms (AWP’s) from us for various different needs. We have been importing and selling the Skyjack aerial work platforms for over 10 years. Safety and efficiency of the machine are key factors when working at a height. And these are the areas that Skyjack as a manufacturer have been focusing on in the recent years. From the Skyjack range, you can always find the right solution for your site. Their product range includes small mast lifts, battery and diesel operated scissor lifts as well as boom lifts. As a Skyjack importer, we automatically provide also the spare part and maintenance services.

Our range AWP range also includes the Finnish-made Dexter towable telescopic and articulating booms.

Both the aerial work platforms, Skyjack and Dexter, have straightforward electronics, i.e. they are so called relay-controlled machines, and thus their maintenance costs are as low as possible (no expensive circuit boards). Both manufacturers make durable machines of either steel of aluminium. There are no plastic parts used in e.g. the protective covers.

We have also launched a brand new release, which is an extremely lightweight AWP that can be easily moved around by one person. The AMO UpLift5 is a handy alternative to scaffolding and ladders. The Uplift5 is guaranteed European quality.

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