We take care of our customers’ machines throughout their entire lifecycle. We offer all the services required for production: installations, operation instructions and training, commissioning, maintenance and repair services, technical support, maintenance reporting, spare parts and accessories, as well as a comprehensive range of additional equipment. With a planned maintenance program, we reduce unexpected machine breakdowns and production downtime, which result in extra costs. By entering into a maintenance agreement with us, you get a reliable and skilled partner to manage your machinery and equipment fleet.

Preventive maintenance ensures the reliability of the machine. It helps identify parts with an increased risk of failure. Observations and actions taken on the machine are documented and recorded in our maintenance software. Maintenance and repair actions are planned in collaboration with the customer to meet their needs and production schedules. The maintenance and fault history of your machines is stored in our maintenance software. This ensures that all essential information is securely preserved and easily accessible when needed. Maintenance history is a valuable resource that helps us understand the condition of your machines and provide you with the best possible maintenance. It also facilitates potential situations when deciding whether it’s more cost-effective to invest in a new production machine or repair the old one.


Are your machine’s milling heads in good condition? Machine tool manufacturers recommend checking milling heads once a year. We perform milling head maintenance with the highest level of expertise in the market. When your machining machine’s milling head is in good condition, you ensure that the work is of high quality and precision. During the maintenance, if needed, we can rent manual spare milling heads for Zayer and Lagun machines. We also deliver and install new replacement heads for all manual or programmable milling machines.


Ensure the precision of your machining machines and accurate products. Our laser measurements and alignment services ensure the reliability and quality production capability of your machines. We use Renishaw laser measurement equipment, which can measure positional accuracy and angular error on axes. Our service includes laser measurements, leveling, geometric measurements and geometry adjustment, as well as a measurement report of the results.


Our skilled installers handle the hauling and installation of metalworking machines with care and safety. Our professional installers are trained and experienced in working with various types of machines. They have a deep understanding of different installations and their requirements. They have the necessary tools required for efficient and safe hauling and installation. Carefully planned and executed machine hauling and installation ensure that your machines are safely and efficiently transferred and installed. We can handle all machine transfers, dismantling work, and installations on a “turnkey” basis if needed. When you order a service from us, you get a comprehensive service designed by professionals.


After purchasing a metalworking machine from us, we want to ensure that the commissioning goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. When the metalworking machine is brought to the installation site, our installers begin preparing for the machine’s commissioning. They first carefully inspect the machine’s condition and ensure that all parts and components are in perfect condition. If necessary, they make the required adjustments and maintenance before the actual commissioning. Once the machine is ready for commissioning, our installers focus on guiding and training you and your team on how to operate the machine. They explain in detail the machine’s operating principles, control systems, and various operation possibilities. Our installers ensure that you understand the machine’s various functions and can use them effectively. If necessary, they also guide you on machine maintenance and upkeep to keep the machine in the best possible condition. The training ensures that you make the most of your machine’s potential. Our factory-trained installers are skilled and experienced machine users with a deep understanding of the operation and features of the machines in question. Our training focuses on safe and efficient machine operation. Our installers teach you and your team the correct and safe procedures and best practices to avoid accidents and maximize machine productivity. They also guide you on utilizing the machine’s various features and provide tips to help you achieve the best possible results from using the machines.


Quality maintenance and repair services are a crucial part of our service offering. We understand that the reliability and efficient operation of machines are crucial for a company’s productivity and profitability. That’s why we provide comprehensive maintenance and repair services to keep your machines in the best possible condition. If a technical issue or damage occurs in your machine, our skilled installers take action quickly and efficiently. In addition to high-quality maintenance and repair, we also emphasize proactive guidance and consultation. Our maintenance technicians are ready to share best practices, tips, and recommendations for the maintenance and operation of your machines. This helps you optimize machine performance and extend their lifespan. Fault repair work is always a top priority for us. We understand that machine downtime can cause significant disruptions to a company’s productivity and efficiency. Therefore, we prioritize fault repair work ahead of other tasks to quickly and seamlessly restore your machine to working condition. Our factory-trained and experienced installers specialize in repairing metalworking machines. They have a deep understanding of the operation and features of various machines, enabling quick and accurate fault diagnosis. Our installers also use modern diagnostic tools and methods to swiftly and effectively detect and locate the cause of faults.


Our service offering includes comprehensive technical support designed to meet your needs and assist you with all machine-related challenges. We understand that various questions, issues, or needs may arise in machine operation, and we are here to support you. Our technical support team consists of knowledgeable and experienced professionals with a deep understanding of the operation and features of your machines. They are ready to answer all your questions, provide solutions, and guide you in the best possible way. Whether it’s operational questions, fault diagnosis, software updates, or other technical challenges, our technical support team helps you find solutions.


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