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Laser Welding Machines

One Machine, Four Functions: Welding / Cutting / Cleaning / Seam Cleaning

FANUCI is an innovative technology company specializing in high-quality, manual laser welding and cleaning solutions. They have their own offices and central warehouses in both Europe and America. Fanuci’s laser welding machines represent advanced welding technology. Compared to traditional manufacturing welding methods, laser welding is more efficient and easier. It offers greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Laser welding is suitable for various types, thicknesses, and shapes of materials. Weld seams are nearly imperceptible and durable, requiring minimal post-processing.

  • Dramatically low heat output and minimized heat-affected zone
  • No deformations
  • Ability to weld different thicknesses and materials together
  • Minimal post-processing, such as grinding or polishing
  • Increased productivity without the need to work on or straighten deformed parts

FANUCI’s Laser Welding Machines:

  • Welding machines equipped with a 4-in-1 handle for welding, cutting, cleaning seams, and remote cleaning
  • Welding machine range from 1000W to 3000W
  • Portable 1500W model for easy transportation
  • Welding machines available with both water and air cooling
  • Robotic welding stations
  • Efficient laser cooling
  • Touchscreen CNC control with ready-made programs for different materials and thicknesses
  • Optional features for laser cutting machines include double-wire feed, robotic cutting head, robotic welding head with monitoring, and without
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