GEKA HYDRACROP165/300 Multi-function clipping machine

Model: 165/300 multi-function clipping machine
Model year: 2007
Country of manufacture: Spain
Serial number: 1188

Electronic stopper  1m
Hydraulic plate holder for a flat bar iron- and an angle iron clipping machine.

Technical data

Number of strokes with  20 mm punch31 1/min
Engine output15 kW
Machine net weight S-models5 200
Punching machine
Compression force1 650 kN
Punching ability Ø40 x 30 mm
Opening depth510 mm
SD-models' opening depth610 mm
Stroke100 mm
Working height1 110 mm
Angle iron clipping machine
Strength3 000 kN
L-steel, 90°205 x 205 x 18 mm
L-steel cap 45°70 x 70 x 7 mm
With special blades L-steel 90°205 x 205 x 25 mm
Band steel clipper
Clipping ability750 x 20 mm
400 x 30 mm
Blade lenght765 mm
Working height870 mm
Round- ja square bar iron clipper
Round bar iron60 mm
Square bar iron60 mm
With special blades U ja Ι-steel200 mm
Indentation machine
Biggest plate thickness levyn paksuus16 mm
L-steel120 mm
Indentation depth110 mm
Indentation width58 mm