At the beginning of 2021, Machinery Oy started contract maintenance operations. The contract service network includes 7 companies in 10 locations throughout Finland. All of the contract maintenance companies are professionals in their field and operate as their own companies, however, receiving full technical support and assistance as well as spare parts for the work from Machinery.

The aim of the co-operation is to create a network that works to meet the needs of the customers in their own immediate environment. Locality allows service times to be shorter and you, as our customer, get service even faster and more efficiently.

The contract service network for construction equipment can be contacted for all maintenance and repair needs related to lifts or soil compactors. Pumps are still being repaired at our workshop in Vantaa. Some contract service operators also provide maintenance and repair of construction site elevators and light masts. The maintenance services provided by the contract maintenance partners can be checked from the list below.

“We set out to build a nationwide network of contract service points and once we have found good partners, we can now say with satisfaction that the network is operational. With the help of the contract service network, it is possible to respond to our customers’ service needs faster and also more cost-effectively for the customer when the help is found closer. ” says Marja Vainio, Service Manager for Construction Equipment Maintenance.

Suomen Konetalo Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Gneissikuja 2
90620 Oulu

Olli Pynssi
p. 050 5780835

Suomen Konetalo Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Osinkotie 8
33470 Ylöjärvi

Kristo Asumaniemi
p. 050 4107607

Esan Paja Oy – Lifts and soil compactors

Vaihdetie 5
60120 Seinäjoki

Timo Hietarinta
p. 0405233348

Valttori Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Kuormaajantie 15
40320 Jyväskylä

Matti Söderlund
p. 040 5311977

Rostek-Tekniikka Oy – Lifts and construction site elevators
70780 KUOPIO

Kimmo Mononen
p. 040 0164864

Rostek-tekniikka Oy – Lifts, construction site elevators, soil compactors and  pumps
Puunaulakatu 3
28100 PORI

Samu Ahola
p. 040 1760239

JS-Multi Service Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Lekatie 8 B 4
80130 Joensuu

Petri Alm
p. 050 3245182

JS-Multi Service Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Koulumestarintie 26
00680 Helsinki

Sami Tainio
p. 050 3267834

Lappeenrannan Työkonehuolto Oy – Lifts and soil compactors
Opintie 2
53600 Lappeenranta

Tomi Mikonsaari
p. 0400 660 542

JT Koneratkaisut Oy – Lifts, construction site elevators and light masts  
Uusialhontie 9
21200 RAISIO

Jorge Troncoso
p. 044 2802275



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