Chinese SANY has been developing and manufacturing high quality construction and port machinery for over 30 years. SANY is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of earthmoving machinery and is investing heavily in increasing European sales, product development and expanding its dealer network. SANY’s European market is headquartered in Bedburg, Germany.

As a manufacturer, SANY is well-known and trusted in the world and in Finland, and there are components familiar to Finns on the engine and hydraulic side. The larger Sany excavators feature Cummins engines and Kawasaki hydraulics. Machinery has been Cummins’ representative in Finland since the 1960s, and therefore we have know-how and information about engines. SANY Group is purposefully growing in the European market and annually spends 5–7 percent of its turnover on product development and research. The German office is working hard to ensure that the collection meets the needs and wishes of Finnish customers in the best possible way.

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