In concrete casting, it is important that the machinery has been designed with construction site practices in mind. Swepac closely follow the development of work practices and technologies in the concrete industry and take them into consideration in their product development and design. In their machinery, Swepac have paid special attention to the work environment, ergonomics and high-quality materials, and their machinery is well-suited for the demanding conditions on worksites. The machines are also environmentally friendly. From the wide Swepac product range, you can find just the right kind of machine to suit your needs.

The manufacture of a good concrete machine requires good knowledge of the different building methods used in the concrete and construction industry. From the wide product range, you can find the required machines for many different purposes, and with the Swepac products, you can achieve a professional result.

The Swepac range includes all the machines needed for concrete casting, mechanical and electronic poker vibrators, screeds and surface vibrators, trowels as well as concrete spreader wagons.